A New Look

I'll try to keep this brief. If you make a habit of visiting Unretrofied rather than reading it via RSS, then you will notice that I've been making quite a few design changes in the last couple days.

It's not as big of a change as the last redesign obviously, but I think it's much nicer. I'm happier with the typography (now with serifs!), pages should render more nicely on e-ink displays like the Kindle, and I've started categorizing posts like I should have been doing this whole time, which means things will be easier to find from the archive.

I will also finally start using links in post titles if I'm directing the reader to another person's site. In those cases, if you would like to link to one of those posts here instead of linking the external site, you can use the timestamp link provided at the bottom of each post. I've already gone through some of the more recent posts around here and changed them to the new format.

Let me know what you think!