Awesome iOS 8 App Updates

Over on The Sweet Setup, we spent all day compiling a list of the most interesting iOS 8 app updates. The sheer number of new things our iPads and iPhones can now do is overwhelming. It's going to take a few weeks to fully absorb it all.

Here are just a few of my own favorite new things:

  • 1Password feels a lot more deeply embedded within iOS thanks to its new Touch ID integration, Safari extension, and app extension.

  • Day One can now be unlocked via Touch ID, while its Notification Center widget allows you to compare two images side-by-side—for example, a photo from today next to a photo from exactly one year ago.

  • Instapaper updated to version 6 with a ton of new features, most notably a system-wide extension for sending content to your account.

  • Transmit for iOS is more than an update; it's a wholly new app, one I've been wishing for a long time. I thought they would never make the transition from Mac to iOS, and boy am I glad they've finally done it. Already better than every existing FTP/Amazon S3 client for iOS, and it's just $10 for a limited time.

Head over to our Sweet Setup article for the full rundown of awesome iOS 8 updates. There's way more to check out than I've mentioned here.