myke hurley Adds Two New Shows to Get Excited About This Summer's Two New Shows, Summer 2015

My friends Stephen and Myke at have been killing it lately. Not only have they managed to nab Mac Power Users from 5by5, but now they're adding two more great shows to their lineup:

  1. Reconcilable Differences — Wherein Merlin Mann and John Siracusa (!) “prod at each other’s backgrounds as fans of technology and pop culture, filling in holes, arguing minor differences, and generally teaching each other about the things they both love.”

    This podcast has been a long time coming, and I'm pumped to see it becoming a reality.

  2. Cortex — A show where Myke quizzes CGP Grey of YouTube fame about his methods, workflows, and time management.

"All the great shows" indeed.

A Little More Playful

Yesterday, Shawn Blanc guested on Myke Hurley's podcast, Inquisitive. They discussed the Tools & Toys redesign, as well as the site's history and how our editorial team came together. The parts about starting projects and managing teams were particularly interesting.

Side note: I listened to the show live, and it was a bit surreal to hear Shawn talking to someone else in real-time about how he originally discovered my old site, Unretrofied, two years ago.

Relay FM

Brand-spanking-new podcast network/syndicate/collective (take your pick) started by my buddies Myke Hurley and Stephen Hackett. Shows they used to do on 5by5 have been renamed and rebooted—The Prompt is now Connected; CMD+Space is now Inquisitive; etc. If you'd like to know more, Myke wrote about the changes here.

I'm looking forward to what Relay FM has in store. Congratulations to Myke and Stephen (and everyone else involved) on the launch!