MacStories' Guide to Automating iOS with URL Schemes and Drafts Actions

MacStories invited Alex Guyot to write a gigantic guide to understanding iOS automation:

“This article will attempt to centralize all of the necessary information for a complete beginner to quickly and easily go from little to no prior knowledge of the subject to being able to understand and build their own complex workflows with Drafts and URL actions. I will only be focusing on Drafts here, but the skills learned throughout this guide should be easily transferable to other apps.”

It doesn't get much more nerdy (or awesome) than this, folks. Keep it bookmarked and study up.

Writing on the iPad

Federico Viticci's epic review of Editorial is now available as an awesome book on the iBookstore, and is packed with a ton of new content for your enjoyment. For a limited time, it's available for only $3, so be sure to pick it up today.

If you're like me and you do a lot of writing on your iPad, this is an invaluable resource.

Congrats to Federico on publishing his very first book!

UPDATE: Looks like the book is already a success.

'Drafts 3.0 Stress-Test'

This is nuts, Alex Guyot managed to chain 25 automated actions together in Drafts 3.0:

“ Previously, the maximum amount of actions I (or anyone, as far as I know) have been able to chain together, was five. I didn't think this was enough for my stress test of new versions of Drafts, so I decided to try to chain more. My goal was not greater numbers for the sake of having greater numbers. I wanted to put together a chain that would fire off an action for every single service that Drafts is connected to, as well as chaining to a variety of apps which support x-callback-url.”

He posted a video of the process in action, so head over there and watch it. I'm duly impressed.