Meltwater vs. The News

Richard Dunlop-Walters:

"Media-monitoring service Meltwater is in the cross-hairs this week, as the nation’s biggest newspapers pledge their support for the AP in a lawsuit that labels Meltwater a parasite."

After reading a bit more on this issue, I can't see what Meltwater is doing that Google isn't doing every single day. They're more of a search-engine than a news outlet. I recommend reading Richard's full report for more details.

Update: Meltwater's legal team has given a response:

"Among other things, AP has misused its copyright monopoly by demanding that third parties take licenses for search results, which do not require a license under U.S. copyright law, and AP has also formed a consortium (called NewsRight) with the purpose of further misusing its copyright monopoly to extract licensing fees that exceed what the law allows."

Good to see they're not taking these accusations lying down.