Matt Alexander Launches 'Need'

My buddy Matt Alexander, who I interviewed a while back, has announced the launch of his until-now secretive startup, Need:

“And now — all of a sudden — it’s here.

Deeming it surreal would do injustice to the term. It’s more of a cocktail of anxiety, excitement, and blind naiveté. Realistically, too, it’s an intense moment in which I’ve come face-to-face with the motto of the independent entrepreneur: "I have no idea what I’m doing."”

So what exactly is Need? Matt explains further down in the blog post:

“In short, Need is a monthly retailer and lifestyle magazine for the modern, discerning man. Each month, Need curates and sells an extremely limited quantity of items — including clothing, literature, furniture, artwork, alcohol, coffee, and so forth — whilst also commissioning independent journalism, photography, video, and so forth.”

Congratulations to Matt on the launch! I'm very excited for him, and about the site itself, which is quite handsome and features some great-looking product. This is definitely a company to watch.