'On Succeeding Steve Jobs'

Gruber details his views on who may succeed Steve Jobs should he ever decide to step down as CEO of Apple.

A new Apple CEO would need credibility and the ability to instantly instill confidence with two highly disparate groups: Apple’s rank-and-file employees, and Wall Street. The only candidates who could satisfy both factions, to any degree, already work at Apple. Name one outsider who’d be accepted both inside the company and on Wall Street. I can’t. Not one.

I'm actually a bit surprised by some of the suggestions for outside successors that have apparently been made by others, such as Steve Wozniak or Guy Kawasaki  or Jack Dorsey. These seem like such obviously-bad choices, even to a guy like me who only follows this stuff as a hobby. Not that I have anything against those people; Jack Dorsey has certainly proven that he can create a quality product (such as Twitter and Square) but to suggest that he could just come in and take over as CEO of Apple is a bit ludicrous.

Gruber's top choice, Tim Cook, already seemed to be groomed for the position long ago in my opinion. I would have thought it readily apparent to anyone else who watches Apple affairs too, but the article that Gruber is responding to here would seem to indicate otherwise.