Ah, Entitlement

Speaking of publishing, Roger Cheng (writing for CNET) has decided to abuse this privilege to complain about the new iPad.

Apple, I thought we had a deal.

I buy one of your products, and I’m guaranteed roughly a year feeling like I’ve got the latest and greatest that Apple has to offer. That’s primarily been your product cycle, and it’s worked out fairly well for everyone.

Which is why I’m shocked, and more than a little annoyed, to see a new iPad unveiled a half a year after I bought the “new iPad.”

I'm always in disbelief after reading something like this. What planet do people live on where it truly matters that the thing they bought months ago isn't the new shiny thing anymore?

The question one should ask themselves is this: "Does [x] meet my needs?" If the answer is yes, it's time to be quiet and stop writing these whiny pieces. Having an "obsolete" thing is not something any sane person should even think about, much less be ashamed of. Cheng even goes on to frame a quote from someone else like this:

Vaknin compares the pain to what Android users have to endure:

"Pain"? "Endure"? Give me a break.

Update: I also just noticed that he filed the post under "Legal." Yeesh.