Useful Spotify Tip

My wife and I share a Spotify account. Most of the time we have no problem with this setup, unless we're both trying to stream at the same time. Typically it goes like this:

  • I'm streaming music at work on my desktop machine.
  • She's at home or running errands, and decides to stream some music on her iPhone.
  • My Spotify suddenly stops playing without warning, and if I open the window to see what's going on, I see a message at the top stating that my account is being used elsewhere.
  • I can start playing my music again to wrestle control back, which will cut off her streaming, but there's a chance she's playing something that helps calm our son down when he starts throwing a fit in his car seat (yes, he somehow already has music preferences at 9 months of age) and it just feels mean besides. She didn't know I was in the middle of listening to anything, which is probably by design since Spotify likely doesn't want people sharing like this.

The solution to all of this? Offline mode.

On my work PC, I have certain playlists toggled to be available offline, which tells Spotify to download local copies of tracks within (or added to) those playlists. Whenever I'm listening to something and my wife takes control of the account, I can simply switch to Offline Mode and continue listening without any conflicts between devices.

Presumably, the same would be true of having her mark certain playlists as available offline from her iPhone, but her phone is currently full of photos and cannot download tracks from Spotify so we haven't had a chance to test it yet.

Without offline mode, we would probably just pay for two different accounts, but instead we're able to save $10/mo and life is good. Give it a shot!