J.D. Bentley on being an introvert:

"What separates extroverts from introverts isn’t shyness or unsociableness. It’s small talk.

We don’t do small talk.

Ask me about writing or technology, mandolin or entrepreneurship and I will talk your ear off. Ask me about the weather and you’ll be disappointed."

This is how I sometimes feel about conversations in my personal- and worklife, because I am an introvert by nature.

To me it often feels like people try to fill dead air with words, any words, to alleviate the awkardness of silence they feel. Or perhaps they do it to feel some sort of companionship, however weak, with the other person.

I understand it, but I am not wired that way.

If I don't feel like I have anything interesting to say, then I prefer not to speak at all. To do otherwise encourages discussion that is empty, hollow, devoid of meaning. Sometimes radio silence is okay.