Today has been a little crazy after flipping the switch on membership subscriptions, but I couldn't help talking about this wonderful piece by Patrick Rhone:

"Are you getting the point here? This is where writing begins. All of these experiences, stories, circumstances, details, and observations.

Your life is full of them. Write about your morning coffee. Write about your messy desk. There’s a hundred stories in every seemingly boring moment if you simply take the time to notice them. And all of those stories are connected to each other in beautiful ways. Each one by itself is an essay. Yet, find those woven threads and they just might make an interesting book."

This story serves as a good reminder to pause and enjoy your surroundings even when life feels hectic. I think it's a common thing people forget to do in today's fast-paced digital world, myself included.

Relish these brief moments of clarity. Life can be a beautifully complicated mess, but it doesn't get any simpler than this advice: Go outside. Breathe.