End-of-the-year Post Roundup

2012 was an undeniably big year, both for myself and for Unretrofied.

I became a father (technically Brendon was born near the end of 2011, but 2012 was the true journey). I redesigned this site twice. I made efforts to become a part of the same community of independent creators that I've looked up to for years. I started taking my writing more seriously and made a commitment to becoming a full-time writer (friendly reminder to check out the Unretrofied membership if you haven't already; there will be some neat goodies for members coming in 2013).

But this is all stuff I've already covered. So instead of blathering on about my year again, and for your reading pleasure, I've decided to gather up other peoples' articles I've been enjoying today. Some are about the past year, some look ahead to 2013, but all are wonderful.

Without futher ado...

Michael Schechter lists the people who influenced him in 2012 (a list that happens to mostly overlap with my own):

"This year, I didn’t try to learn from afar. I worked hard to get up close. I attempted (often in vain) to play at their level. To be their peer and, in many cases, to be their friend.

This year, I didn’t just spend time on the Internet, I invested in the people who work there and attempted to work along side them."

Jeffrey Inscho lists some ways he'd like to better himself, but not necessarily because it's a new year:

"I struggle to understand the concept of the New Year’s Resolution. Every year, millions of people select an arbitrary date to start obsessively modifying lifelong behaviors and habits. They hedge their bets on a metaphorical flip of a switch and hope the current of willpower remains flowing in the face of temptation, vices and history.

Speaking from experience, it seems the game is rigged and the whole premise is setting us up for failure."

Patrick Rhone learned a lot this year, and also makes a prediction:

"Bonus prediction: That 2013 will be the year of opt-out. That disconnection will become hipster cool. More and more people will be replacing smart phones with dumb ones, digital with analog, social with solitude, sharing with journaling, etc."

J.D. Bentley has a hazy recollection of the past few years, but some events stick out more than others for him:

"Aside from these events, 2012 is the year I started being delighted by the discovery of new words. I especially like coming across a word with such a specific definition that I’m surprised it even exists. Some of my recent favorites are anomie, perspicacity and aesthete. I also started writing whatnot appropriately, as a single word rather than two."

Shawn Blanc recounts the changes and successes in his life this year:

"This year I recorded 156 episodes of Shawn Today. Among my favorites were the week-long coffee-gear video series, the new “Ask Shawn Today” series, and the oodles of shows talking and musing about diligence and focus. Believe it or not, I’ve heard from many who claim they’ve listened to every single episode. Amazing. I haven’t even listened to every episode, and I was there when they were recorded."

Jim Dalrymple discusses how well things have been going for The Loop and makes this promise:

"I have some things planned for 2013 to make The Loop even better for the readers. However, one thing that will not change is the honesty with which we deliver our opinions on the news. I also have no plans to change the main design of the site, unless it is something that enhances the site for readers."

Gabe Weatherhead remembers every single minute of 2012 and how each was spent:

"So let's say I got 162,509 pretty good minutes out of 2012 — 3.71 months of usable, enjoyable, life enriching time in 2012. I spent 3.71 months cuddling, playing, coloring, dancing, tickling, running, hiding, singing, laughing, pretending and generally loving in 2012. I call that a win. Not a wasted minute whatsoever in my book. Life is what we do in the time between and I had a great few minutes in 2012. The best."

Dave Caolo takes you through a photo trip of his year, ending on a sweet note:

"...and lastly thanked my lucky stars for every single moment. On New Year’s Eve it’s appropriate to think about time. We’re all issued a finite amount. As such, it’s the most precious thing we have. Time. May you enjoy yours."

There you have it. I hope everyone has a safe, pleasant New Year's Eve. As for me, I'm going to enjoy a quiet evening at home with the family as usual.

Thanks to all of my readers for making this year so special. See you guys next year! (har har)