Lasting Value

As some of my recent posts may tell you, I've become engrossed with writing lately. Guys like Shawn Blanc, J.D. Bentley, and Patrick Rhone have inspired me to pursue a greater mastery of the craft, and over the years their essays have struck chords within me that have caused me to rethink my perception of the world.

For two years I've been writing articles about happenings in the tech world, but as I look through my archives — which I've been trying to organize — I realize that many of them have become meaningless to me after the fact. Too often I've latched onto a popular story and written something about it despite any real interest on my part, or simply posted something low-content that could have been linked on Twitter instead.

I want this site to be better. I want to be better. I'm a little embarrassed by the mountain of drivel I've allowed to accumulate around here. The goal is to be a capital "W" Writer, not just some guy who managed to assemble a vapid link list.

This doesn't mean that I want to stop writing about technology altogether. Far from it. I'm simply burnt out trying to keep up with the daily firehose of tech news, and from now on will only contribute to discussions I truly care about, at my own pace. The focus of this site will be narrowed, rather than being thinly spread over several dozen subjects.

Forcing myself to stick with a smaller range of topics should allow me to write more thoughtful material. This could result in a slower posting schedule, but that's better than shovelblogging in my opinion.

Also, I will be removing those posts from the archive that I feel have lost any meaning, or perhaps had none to begin with. I want readers to return to my archives years from now and still find something worthwhile, no matter what post they click.

I want lasting value, not fleeting pageviews.