IFTTT is Fantastic, and You Should Use It


I'm pretty late to this party, but I am falling in love with task-automation service ifttt (if this then that). Basically this service allows you to create "recipes" of behavior using "channels", which is just a codeword for the list of different services involved, such as Facebook, Evernote, Instagram, Dropbox, Twitter, Youtube, SMS, email, and a LOT more.

The idea is that you can have ifttt check one of these channels for a certain type of activity, and then trigger a second channel in a specific way. For example, I have a recipe that checks for any new photos I post on Instagram, and then saves those photos to a folder of my choosing in my Dropbox account. Another recipe watches my Unretrofied RSS feed and auto-tweets any new entry it sees.

These are two simple uses for the service, and aren't even considered a drop in the bucket of what ifttt is capable of. There are currently 47 channels available, and most (if not all) of them have multiple trigger types, AND there are more being added all the time, so the number of possible combinations is staggering. Luckily, you can already see some of the interesting things people have come up with on their public recipes page.

I recommend at least checking it out and seeing if you can get something useful out of it. There's a little something for everyone.