'The Problem with Logos'


Speaking of Andrew Kim, I'm going back through some of his older posts because I find most of them to be very fascinating, as someone with an interest in minimalist design.

This one speaks to me quite a bit because I feel the exact same way about logos being splattered all over products today. I don't buy things like clothes or smartphones just because they carry a certain brand name or logo in an obvious way. If anything, I find it to be a huge turnoff.

Regarding the Samsung Galaxy Tab (pictured above), Andrew had this to say:

Here is another example. Can you believe this? This is criminal. The Galaxy tab has 2 logos on the front and 3 GIANT logos on the back. People should go out and riot about this device. What is this, an F1 car? Verizon and Samsung should have to pay people to use this.

Couldn't have said it any better myself. If you've already paid for the device but are then forced to be a walking advertisement for the company, they should be sending you a check in the mail. Ridiculous.

Make sure to read the follow-up post, too.