'Working From Home'

Yesterday I subscribed to the Read & Trust newsletter. These are people I already read or have thought about checking out anyway, so why not, right?

As a thank-you for signing up, they gave me some links covering their recent topic, 'Working From Home.' Four pieces written by four people, sharing their experiences and lessons learned while working from home. I've often thought about what it would be like to work from home, whether it's by starting a business or taking up some kind of freelance job, so I enjoy reading these types of honest pieces that lay out what it's really like.

"There will come a day when a construction crew sets up shop outside your window, or the power goes out, your modem takes a dirt nap or your kids want you to "parent" them."

-Dave Caolo

After reading all of these pieces, I noticed a few recurring bits of advice that I intend to keep in mind if I ever decide to take on such a venture:

  • Stick to a work schedule - Even if it's just 7am to 3pm. Stick to it. Don't let your work spill over too much into your personal life, and vice versa. It's too easy to get distracted at home, and you'll never get any work done.
  • Dress up for work even if you're not leaving the house all day - This helps you practice a routine and just makes you feel more professional in general.
  • Determine what your work space is, and stick to it - Don't let people unnecessarily intrude on this space, just as if you were working in an office. Don't completely ignore your family, but set boundaries.
  • Take breaks - After setting all these boundaries, it's easy to get so caught up in your work that you forget to step away for a few minutes. Go outside. Breathe.

  • All seems like good advice to me. I would recommend signing up for the newsletter and reading the rest of these stories and more. It's only $5/month and well worth it.