'Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee'


Lately, I've really been enjoying Jerry Seinfeld's self-produced series, Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.

It's exactly what the title implies: Seinfeld calls up one of his comedian friends and asks them to have coffee, then he picks them up in a classic car on the way there. What follows is good conversation, interspersed with beautiful shots of coffee being poured or espresso being brewed while jazz plays in the background. It's coffee porn at its finest, and I love it.

I recommend watching every episode, but especially the one with Alec Baldwin, if only for this statement he made to Seinfeld:

Your life has been one unbroken boulevard of green lights, hasn’t it?

Only complaint I have is that I haven't found a way to subscribe to the damn thing yet. Get with the times, Jerry!

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee