iCloud Sync Headaches

Via Nate Boateng, I came across this blog post by developer Jumsoft, which discusses why they've reverted back to their older wifi sync system over iCloud:

"After many months of constant issues, we thought we saw a light at the end of the tunnel when Mountain Lion and iOS 6 came out, because we finally managed to build a Money version with an operational iCloud sync. However, as we can see now, it was a bit too early for champagne."

They're not the only developers tossing iCloud aside. A notable feature of Instacast 3 was the removal of iCloud sync in favor of a homemade Cloud Sync solution.

Some developers have had to publish webpages specifically to address iCloud issues for their customers. Two examples off the top of my head: Day One and Smart Notes. I'm certain there are others.

I agree with Nate that Apple should really sort these issues out, although I disagree with his assertion that it doesn't have to be for consumer-facing reasons. One of the first things listed in Day One's in-app FAQ page is a recommendation for the customer to use Dropbox sync over iCloud.

Maybe it's not a huge deal to people like Nate and myself, but it's definitely not the "It Just Works" sync solution for everyone that Apple claims it is. Not yet, anyway.