Next Week

Starting tonight and lasting through next Sunday, my wife, my son, and I will be leaving town for a vacation. A Disney cruise, in fact, one that we started saving for last year and purchased many months ago — long before I lost my job.

It feels strange to be leaving for such a trip, what with our low spending budget these days. I keep having to remind myself that the money's already been spent, so I might as well enjoy it.

Anyway, the point of this announcement is that there will probably be complete radio silence around here for the next 9 days or so. Our devices will be in airplane mode for most of this trip, and we're not 100% sure if we'll have any WiFi to work with at any of our port destinations.

That means: no social media, no email, no blogging, nothing else of the sort. Of course, my wife and I both have this irrational fear that we'll be missing important things while we're gone, but that's just the addiction talking. Hopefully a week away from everything will be healthy for us.

See you on the other side!