John Roderick on Technology

I listen to podcasts a lot, maybe even a bit too much. In fact, I'm listening to the final episode of the B&B podcast literally as I type this, which means I'm typing very slowly now that my attention is divided. Instacast has a permanent home on my iPhone dock because I use it multiple times a day, as free time allows. And although I'm subscribed to many great shows, each with a number of entertaining episodes, I hardly ever add any episodes to my 'Favorites' list for later listening.

Just to be clear, this isn't due to a lack of enjoyment on my part, but rather because I don't typically feel the need to hear a podcast episode more than once. That's just how I am.

At the moment I have only five starred episodes in Instacast, from my entire history of podcast listening. The latest one was added yesterday: episode 028 of CMD+SPACE featuring John Roderick, who is well known both for being the singer of The Long Winters and being half of the eponymous Roderick on the Line podcast (a personal favorite of mine).

Just as I don't tend to 'favorite' many specific podcast episodes, I don't often feel compelled to talk about them here on Unretrofied. But this one is so worth sharing that I couldn't help myself. CMD+SPACE is mostly a tech-focused show, but Roderick is a person who has struggled with technology throughout his adult life. Despite this fact, or perhaps even because of it, he has led a truly fascinating, adventurous life and has so many great stories to tell.

I don't want to spoil the stories told in this episode because it's better to hear them yourself, but I will say that I found the 15:15-23:10 portion of the show to be a lot of food for thought. I hope I've made it clear that going on and on this much about it is as strong a recommendation as I can make, so please go check it out.