'Baby Steps Toward Replacing Google Reader'

Marco Arment wants someone to get another solid RSS syncing backend going before Google shuts down in a few months:

“We need to start simple. We don’t have much time. And if we don’t do it this way, the likely alternative is that a few major clients will make their own custom sync solutions that won’t work with any other company’s clients, which won’t bring them nearly as much value as it will remove from their users.”

The idea he lays out in the rest of his article seems feasible enough to me.

This is one of those times I wish I had the programming chops to take advantage of a huge opportunity like this, but like Marco says, there's just not enough time. We'll have to rely on someone who already knows this stuff in and out to get the job done. And who better than the devs behind NetNewsWire and Reeder, right?