Marco Arment Sells 'The Magazine' to Glenn Fleishman

Yep, it’s true. Marco has sold yet another of his popular projects, The Magazine, but rather than going with a 3rd party, he sold it straight to its executive editor, Glenn Fleishman.

Glenn, who is rumored to possess olympian-level tweeting abilities[1] and is a past Jeopardy champion, has done excellent work in his role as editor of The Magazine[2] and I have no doubt he will do equally well in the role of CEO.

My congrats go out to Marco and Glenn, and I look forward to what they each have in the pipeline.

  1. It’s true, he tweets a lot (146,379 and counting) and often gets put into “Twitter jail” for it.  ↩

  2. So well, in fact, that he has already rejected an article pitch I submitted a while back. A wise move on his part, although I will soon make the attempt again.  ↩