Introducing: The Unretrofied Interview Series

[You'll just have to imagine the drumroll I played in my head as I typed the title of this post, punctuated by a cymbal crash at the end.]

Starting next week, I will publish the first in a series of interviews I've been conducting, featuring some of my favorite creative people from around the web. The current lineup consists of writers, podcasters, web designers, and entrepreneurs, and hopefully I can add some photographers to the list soon.

I'm super excited to finally share these interviews with you guys.

This is a project I've been wanting to approach for a long time, but as someone who had never conducted an interview prior to a few months ago, the idea of it seemed pretty daunting at first. Eventually, I decided to go for it anyway – you gotta start somewhere, right? – and began asking a few people to be my guinea pigs, so to speak.

Thankfully, they've all been been gracious enough to put up with my ineptitu- er, inexperience. I've been having so much fun with these interviews, and learning a whole lot along the way. I've got five interviews under my belt so far, and I'm anxious to do more (meaning I'm open to suggestions, if you've got any).

The first one will drop on this upcoming Monday (July 15th, 2013). Stay tuned.

* * *

Update (08/08/13): There are now a couple of ways to browse the list of interviews, if you'd like: you can use the 'Interview' category to read through them one after the next, or if you'd rather pick and choose, go with the Interviews archive page I've put together.