'Photography, Hello'

Craig Mod's Goodbye, Cameras was an excellent piece, but he still had a lot more to say about the ongoing cultural and technological shift away from dedicated cameras — so now we have the even more wonderful Photography, Hello:

“The shift to a smartphone for photography scares me because I love the boxes. Love their purpose. Their simplicity. So dearly love knowing I’ve captured all that detail. Love their constraints and all the potential packed within them. But in the end, for me, photography has never been about a box. The box was always a means.


“From physical to digital film editing, from physical to digital graphic design, from anything to the iPad, and from physical to digital photography, we’ve heard it before: Craft is lost!

My belief is is much simpler: craft inhabits whatever medium or tool you work with, if you let it.”

You'll want to grab a cup of coffee before reading the whole thing.