'Why Indie Developers Go Insane'

Jeff Vogel has a great take on the recent Flappy Bird saga (or rather, the public response to it):

“Suppose one day I get one insult too many, I go nuts and quit or freak out. Here's what people will say about me: What a weakling. What a wimp. What an idiot. Why does he care? Why doesn't he just turn the social media off? Why can't he be tough and awesome like me? Screw that guy.

All this, of course, from people who have never experienced being in even remotely the same position.”

I've already vented enough about this topic on Twitter and elsewhere, but suffice it to say that I've been disgusted by the way people decided to lash out against a stranger on the internet about a silly little iPhone game. The media certainly didn't handle it any better.

Is it any wonder that the game's developer wanted to get away from it all?