Can We Please Stop Complaining About Skeuomorphism?

Ah, skeuomorphism. Ye most hated of all design practices, ever since that Sam Biddle piece came out nearly a year ago. Before then, nary a whisper was heard about the practice. But ever since then, the number of blog posts full of derision have piled up into the stratosphere, and there seems to be no sign of stopping.

Take this one from today, for example:

The issue is two-fold: first, that traditional visual metaphors no longer translate to modern users; and second, that excessive digital imitation of real-world objects creates confusion among users.

Forget that this same site published a piece only a few months ago that asked people to please move on. Most of the negative pieces written on the subject have been variations on this theme of user confusion and lack of "pixel authenticity." The subject has been ground into a fine dust by now. There's even a Tumblr dedicated to finding instances of it.

We get it. You can stop with the hate-pieces now. Everyone knows you're a designer that would never think of creating such a thing in your products. That's fine. Please shut up about it. There are other things in the world of technology and design that are actually worth paying attention to, and this seems like more of a fad than anything to be truly worried or upset about.