Web Annoyances

If you're doing any of this stuff on your website, you're doing it wrong:

  1. As I scroll down an article, and about halfway down, a box appears in the lower-right corner, trying to recommend other things to me that I'm not interested in. All you did was distract me from reading.
  2. The little 'Feedback' button that appears on the left-hand side of lots of websites these days. How many people are really using that thing to leave feedback to you? All I see it doing is getting in the way of other stuff on the site, so thanks for that.
  3. Adding extra content to the clipboard when the user copies text from the site. "Discover more content here! [link]" Not cool.
  4. A smaller margin for your actual content than what's being used for advertisements.
  5. Navigation toolbars that wait until you've scrolled down a little, then whiz down to wherever you stop at. Haha! How quirky and cute and not annoying at all!
  6. Infinitely-scrolling pages that keep adding more content as I scroll, when I'm just trying to reach the navigational links at the bottom of the page.
  7. If I go to your site from my phone, and it pops up a "CHECK OUT OUR IPHONE APP!" ad that I have to get rid of before reaching the site itself, that's an immediate sign that whatever I was about to read is worthless and I close the page immediately.
  8. More than two share buttons (preferably none, though).
  9. "Slideshows" that are really just 9 different pages that each have a meager description of the photo, just so you can get more pageviews.
  10. Such bad adherence to basic web standards that even Instapaper and Evernote can't parse your awful website into something legible.

There, I feel better.