'The Heist' One-Year Anniversary

Ben Haggerty — better known as the rapper Macklemore — reflects on the year following the release of his hit album, The Heist, and the insane amount of fame that came with it. I particularly dug this bit:

“Every song I’ve ever put out, I have believed in. But Same Love was different. It was a moment that was way bigger than us. Watching teenagers come up to me after shows, with tears in their eyes, gasping for breath in attempts to find the right words to explain to me that they came out to their family after hearing the song…that reaffirms everything. That. Right there. That is the reason why I do this. That is no publicity stunt. That is no calculated move. That is art affecting the quality of people’s lives, the way that other artists influence mine.”

This is one of those times where I wish I hadn't let such a great read linger in my Instapaper queue for so long.