The Sweet Setup

Two of my favorite websites for getting recommendations on great stuff are The Wirecutter and their sister site The Sweethome. Rather than focusing on the latest fads, they only concern themselves with finding the absolute best gear possible, the stuff that stands the test of time.

Today, I'm happy to say that a third site has entered this arena: The Sweet Setup, created by my buddy Shawn Blanc. It's not a site about gear, though — it's all about the best Mac and iOS apps in a wide variety of categories, as well as the, ahem, sweet setups of awesome people.

Just to give some examples, there are articles on the very best journaling app, their favorite alternative to Apple's Photo Stream, and the best general purpose weather app. These apps aren't necessarily new – especially not to us nerds – but that's exactly the point. Sometimes the most trusty apps are the ones with a little experience under their belts.

Head over here to get a brief tour of the site, then get to reading all the other articles. If nothing else, just take a few moments to really look at the site's design, because it's nothing short of gorgeous.

I'm really excited for Shawn, and congratulate him on the launch of what I think is the premier resource for app research. Go check it out.