URI.LV is now FeedPress

A couple months ago, I switched from Squarespace's built-in RSS feed to one provided by the service URI.LV. Today, they've announced a change in names, and are now calling themselves FeedPress.

From the announcement:

“As we’ve grown, it’s high time we re-launched and re-branded. URI.LV was intended to be a temporary name. It simply does not roll off the tongue easily. Today, we’re exceedingly happy to present to you FeedPress. We have spruced up the website and have given it a responsive design. If you visit your stats page on a smartphone, it should flow nicely. For iOS users, you can tap your bookmark button and add FeedPress to your home screen (it sports a nice Retina ready icon).”

I like the new name a lot better.

This shouldn't cause any issues with my RSS feed, but let me know if you see anything weird and I'll get it taken care of.